My Favourite Object in Havering Museum

By Joseph Hills, Front of House Trainee.

Painting of Peter the Painter

The painting is my favourite object because of the history around it.  Peter was a well known figure in the Romford area due to his quirkiness and passion for art.  He would often paint pictures of boats.

My favourite thing about Peter the Painter is that the Romford community helped him out.  They would give him food, clothes and hot drinks which would make life easier for him.

When he got old, the staff at Harold Wood Hospital would take him in to bathe, shave and give him a haircut before he went on the streets again.  Even though they didn’t know much about this man, they were still willing to help him out. This is heart warming to know.

Finally, his attitude to life is something to be admired.  He was a happy man even though he was homeless.  I have heard that he said he would be a happy man as long as he had enough food to eat.  Many people do not have this attitude to life (including myself).  However, I think we can learn to appreciate more of what we have from his story.


About Havering Museum

Havering Museum is a new independent museum in the heart of Romford. It tells the story of the Borough of Havering through images, text panels and objects. Opening times: Wednesday to Friday: 12 to 5pm Saturday: 11 to 5pm Admission: £2.50 Adult £2.00 Senior Citizen Under-16s free (accompanied by an adult) £15.00 Annual Ticket £12.00 Annual Ticket (Senior Citizens)
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  1. Excellent research and a very sensible and honest comment. Peter Stewart-Chairman

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